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Mud Hog is offering $1,000 OFF all John Deere Units until December 31, 2018

Don’t miss YOUR Chance to get Powered RWD for Your Combine at a DISCOUNTED 2018 Price!

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Average Fuel Savings & Increase in BU/Acre with Mud Hog






How a powered axle prevents slippage and soil compaction


Turn Your Combine Into a 4WD Powerhouse 

Mud Hog - Not Just For Mud

The first and only technology of its kind, Mud Hog hydraulic rear-wheel drive systems are engineered to provide your front-wheel drive combines with uncompromising four-wheel drive capability for increased agricultural production.

Top Benefits of Having a Mud Hog on your Combine

  • Harvest faster, with more speed and traction in any weather
  • Enjoy increased fuel efficiency
  • Reduce soil compaction and maximize crop yields
  • Experience improved handling and steering control
  • Access additional torque for steep grades
  • Minimize field tracks and ruts
  • Improved Steering when front tracks are installed on your combine


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